IMG_8327My name is Cathleen and I have been making soap for close to 5 years now here on the Santa Cruz coast. Part of the fun is experimenting with new and interesting scent combinations to use in my soaps and the other satisfying part is learning what others think and feel about my soap.  I am very slowly creating and retaining the recipes both that I personally like and also the ones my customers enjoy.

I have added natural coloring in my soaps.  I use herbs and spices that dye the soaps a very modest shade of color while still keeping a natural look. I feel it makes the soap more fun and attractive while also helping to give a little character the soaps. My main interest though is in scents and how they make you feel.  Scent is a powerful tool that can help bring forth certain emotions and/or memories.

Living in the creative space of Santa Cruz County has given me hope that someday I will be able to do this and generate some sort of regular income but for now it is a very fun and satisfying adventure!

And my wonderful husband Matt has recently joined in on this adventure too.  He makes the Pine Soap Dishes and is helping me in the soap making process while providing many, many thoughts and opinions!

I truly hope you enjoy my products and welcome any feedback to further improve my soap.



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