We are a very small operation and hence have different varieties of soaps available at various times of the year. Please go to my Etsy site (link below) to order online what is currently available. Otherwise please come to one of the shops we sell at or events we will be attending if you want a larger variety to choose from (check events page on this site for current local events I will be attending).

Citrus and Warm Spice

  • Orange Spice – Essential oils only
  • Cinnamon SpiceEssential oils only
  • Lemon Licorice  – Essential oils only
  • Lemongrass – Essential oils only
  • Sweet OrangeEssential oils only

Earth and Wood

  • Lavender Fields – Essential oils only
  • Cedar Forest – Essential oils only
  • Charcoal DetoxEssential oils only
  • TranquilityEssential oils only
  • Winter Solstice – Essential oils only
  • Real Coffee – Essential oils only

Minty and Refreshing

  • Peppermint – Essential oils only
  • Eucalyptus – Essential oils only
  • Lemon EucalyptusEssential oils only
  • Spearcalyptus (Spearmint and Eucalyptus) – Essential oils only

Floral and Springy

  • Sweet Pea – Essential oils and Fragrance
  • Plumeria Essential oils and Fragrance oils
  • Rose Geranium – Essential oils only
  • Honeysuckle – Essential oils and Fragrance oils
  • Wildflower – Fragrance oils only
  • Pink Jasmine – Fragrance oils only
  • Lovely LilacFragrance oils only

Musky, Warm and Sexy

  • Vanilla SandlewoodFragrance oils only
  • Mahogony – Fragrance oils only
  • Mountain Man – Fragrance oils and essential oils

Sweet and Yummy

  • Almond Biscotti – Fragrance oils only
  • Honey Bee – Essential oils and Fragrance oils
  • BlackberryFragrance oils only